What are the Best Boxing Gloves?

Boxing is among the sports that require one to have multiple gears to facilitate a better practice of the game. Aside from taking your time in choosing the best boxing shoes and the headgears, it is advisable that you take time when choosing the boxing gloves as well. A pair of boxing gloves determines how you will train or fight at large. A good pair of gloves allows you to have an easy time on the ring, be flexible, and at the same time, it ensures that your knuckles are fully secured. This means that choosing a good pair of gloves is not easy for the task at all.

selecting the perfect boxing gloves

What are the Best Boxing Gloves For a Beginner?

Use the following tips to guide you in selecting the perfect boxing gloves.

1. The type of gloves

The boxing gloves fall into three categories which are the training gloves, the punching glove and lastly the sparring gloves.

Training gloves

The training gloves are versatile kinds of gloves which are ideal for general boxing activities. For example, you can use them for punching the bag, sparring and any other boxing activities.

The punching gloves

The punching gloves also referred to as bag gloves are specifically designed for punching. They are designed in lightweight feature to enable the user practice for long and at the same time help in conditioning their hands.

Sparring gloves

These are ideal for people who are training with more experienced boxers. Therefore, make sure they are well padded on the knuckle areas.

2. The size

The best boxing gloves are made in different sizes to fit different users. This is because all the boxers do not have the same size of the hand or even the fingers. Considering that the gloves must fit perfectly on the palm, make sure to select a size that fits well. If you are buying from a local shop, it is quite easy to buy fitting gloves since you can try them while still there. But, if you are buying online, use the gloves measurement chart to by the correct fitting size.

3. The weight

The weight of the boxing gloves goes hand in hand with the size. Also, it is essential to know that the larger the sizes of the boxing gloves are, the less weight it has and vice versa. For example, a pair of gloves of 160z is usually ideal for sparring since the weight is less.

4. The materials

This is another crucial detail that you must focus on when selecting your pair of boxing gloves. This is because the material of the gloves determines your comfort, the durability of the gloves, and also the price. If you want to save on expenditure or if you are involved in light training, the vinyl material is the perfect choice of gloves for you since it is less expensive but, it does not last for long. If you are looking for gloves that will serve you for many years, then choose genuine leather since it is durable even after long usage. But, the prices are usually high as compared o the vinyl gloves.

5. Gloves fastener

Boxing gloves are either made with Velcro or lace fasteners. If you are looking for gloves that will not cut your training short to tighten the fastener, then choose the gloves with laces. Velcro fastener is ideal for people who may want to loosen or tighten the gloves with ease.

6. The budget

The budget you have also determined the kind of gloves you will be able to buy. This is because of the materials used and other details like the fasteners. So, if you want gloves that will last for long and be comfortable to your hands, be prepared to spend more money as compared to buying a simple pair of boxing gloves.


If you plan to join the ring and learn a few tricks about boxing, use the above guide to help you buy the most suitable boxing gloves. You can ask for help from a trainer on the right gloves to buy depending on your training options.

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