Best Boxing Training Gloves Reviews and Guides 2020

Have you ever noticed that among all the fighting sports boxing game is the only sport that the participants get to wear protective gears? Well, I always thought it to be too much of a hustle to fight with boxing gloves until I went practicing bare hands when realized that the best boxing training gloves are essential in boxing matches.

First of all boxing gloves are not made with heavy materials, and therefore don’t worry about your hands getting tired while fighting, also the gloves plays a significant role in protecting your hands and fingers when you are throwing the punches to your opponents. Thus, the gloves give the fighter the strength and ability to throw punches without worrying about injuring their fingers.

Best Boxing Training Gloves

Five Best Boxing Training Gloves

Best Boxing Training Gloves

I love to work out, and one routine that I invest in for toning my core and arms is the boxing. Although I am not a professional boxer, I always believe that using the appropriate gears is essential for your well-being. One important item that you must have when practicing boxing is the gloves, and one of my all-time favorite brands is the TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves. As the title suggests, these gloves will help you become a pro in boxing due to their convenience and excellent features like the leather material that guarantees you their durability.

Special features

The leather material

The gloves are crafted using the durable leather material hence no need to worry about buying training gloves after a long time.

Foam absorbent

It is quite easy to get an injury in your fist or hand when training, and for your protection, the gloves are designed with evenly distributed foam around the fingers and the fist to protect you from getting hurt when you throw punches.

Satin nylon hand compartment

This is an essential part designed in the inner part of the gloves to suck in sweat protecting your hands from sliding or getting wet.

Leather wrist strap, hook, and loop

These compartments are essential for easy securing of the gloves.


  • The gloves are designed using a leather material, and therefore you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged any time soon.
  • They are designed with a satin material that prevents your hands from getting sweaty when training.
  • Easy to wrap with the leather strap, loop and the hook present on the gloves.


  • I would not recommend the gloves for kids as they are relatively heavy.
  • Be cautious when fastening the strap as extreme pulling can damage the loop or the belt of the gloves.

TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves Review on Video

Elite Sports NEW ITEM Kickboxing, Adult & Kids Muay Thai Sparring Training Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Training Gloves

Did you know that kickboxing an Muay Thai can also be practiced with the use of gloves? These two games are highly practiced by both kids and adults as they are fun, and in some countries, the two sports are used for competing purposes. Using the right gloves can help you excel in the game since your arms will be able to withstand the punching. Therefore if you want to join the training to gain some experiences related to standard kickboxing and Muay Thai sports get Thai sparring training boxing gloves.

Special features

Pre-curved design

Remember these gloves are designed for use by both kids and the adults. Therefore for easy grasping of the fist, the gloves are designed using pre-cured anatomic hand design for this purpose.


The gloves are designed with MAYA leather which provides its durability, and the material is light in weight to provide comfort for all people including the kids when training.

Secure velcro wrist strap

The presence of the velcro wrist strap makes it easy for an individual to put on and remove the gloves without much hustle.

3D cooling mesh

You don’t have to worry about your hands getting wet from sweating as the gloves are designed with a 3D cooling mesh to keep them dry while practicing.


  • The gloves are designed in light-weight leather material that makes it easy to train for long hours without tiring.
  • For secure fist folding, the gloves consist of pre-curve hand fold design that makes it easy to fold your arms.
  • The gloves are comfortable to use for long hours as they are designed with a 3D mesh material that allows the air to flow keeping your hands dry while training.


  • Although the gloves can be cleaned, it is advisable that you avoid wetting them entirely since they will take long before they dry up.
  • The straps of these gloves are a bit short as compared to other gloves which may be uncomfortable to some users.

Elite Sports Adult Standard Boxing Gloves

Xinluying Women, Men and Kids Punch Bag Taekwondo Sparring Grappling Boxing, Gym Training Gear Gloves Mitts

Best Boxing Training Gloves

Nowadays you don’t necessarily need to lift the weights or run in the trend mills to get fit as there are other excellent sports such as the kickboxing, taekwondo, gripping fight among others which you can engage in to keep fit. For you to excel in these sports and get the best results from your workout, you need to invest in the best workout gears with gloves being your number one priority.

Gloves protect your hands from getting hurt when you hit the punching bag, and in the case where you are competing in a match, you can comfortably throw you punches without worrying about your fist and fingers. So how about you buy this excellent pair of Xinluying training gear gloves mitts.

Special features


These gloves are not limited to one sport as you can use it for different training which includes taekwondo and kickboxing just to name a few. Also if you want gloves that you can use when hitting the punching bag, you can use the gloves.

Mesh-like material

The palm parts of the gloves are designed with mesh-like material that allows your hands to breath and avoids sweat from accumulating.

Adjustable velcro wrist band

The wristband is made with an efficient velcro strap that provides safe and secure fastening when using the gloves.

The Eva lining pad

The back of the gloves all through to the fingers are designed with the pad that protects your hand and fingers when punching.


The gloves are designed with synthetic PV leather that ensures its durability.


  • The gloves are comfortable to use since they are designed with mesh-like material on the palms to allow breathability.
  • The presence of the velcro strap makes it easy to fasten the gloves around the wrist.
  • You don’t have to worry about your fist getting hurt while punching since it is protected with the padding.


  • It is quite tricky to get the right measurement when buying online since the sizes vary especially for kids.Therefore to get the correct fitting you have to measure the palms which is a bit annoying to some people.
  • Although the gloves are washable, it is recommended for hand wash only as the machine may damage the synthetic texture.

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Best Boxing Training Gloves

Are you looking for durable synthetic leather gloves for boxing training? Well, look no further as everlast pro style MMA Grappling gloves are the best choice for you. Designed using durable material that guarantees you long-lasting services. The gloves are also quite comfortable to use for those who practice for long hours. The gloves are designed with a wrist strap that is quite easy to fasten without much hustle. One of the essential features that one should focus on when selecting a pair of the best boxing gloves is the quality of the padding.

To ensure that your fists are well protected everlast synthetic leather gloves are made with sturdy filling at the back of the hands and the areas around the fingers.

Special features

Strong padding

The gloves are designed using firm padding at the back of the hands which help in protecting your hands when punching.

Secure Strap

The gloves are designed with an ergonomic strap around the wrist which is easy to fasten. The belt is also adjustable to help you achieve a tight and robust wrap.


To ensure the gloves serves years to come, the gloves possess synthetic leather which does not get easily damaged.


The gloves are designed in differing sizes for customers to select depending on the padding needed.


  • The gloves are safe and comfortable to punch with due to the extra padding added at the back of the hands and the fingers.
  • For secure fastening, you can quickly adjust the wrist strap. This also makes it possible for the gloves to be used by people with different wrist sizes.


  • Make sure that you pull the strap gently as too much stretching may damage it.
  • The straps of these gloves are a bit short as compared to other gloves which may be uncomfortable to some users.
  • The gloves are not recommended for washing so if you want to clean them consider using a damp cloth to wipe them.

MMA grappling gloves review on Video

Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring Glove



Safety and comfort are the primary factors to consider when buying your boxing training gloves and well Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring Glove offer just that. The gloves have high shock-absorbent high-density foam that protects your fingers and fist from getting hurt when you punch the bag or your opponent. If you are training alone, no need to worry about the fastening as you can easily and quickly do it by yourself considering the gloves are designed using hook and wrapper for a secure clasp.


Special features

Leather shell

For durability purposes, the gloves are designed with a leather shell that protects the gloves from getting damaged especially when punching the bags.

High padding

The gloves have a high quantity of padding that ensures that your hands and the fists are adequately protected from getting hurt while throwing your punches.

Wrap around hook and loop wristband

Unlike other traditional boxing gloves made with laces such that you have to get someone to help you wrap it around the wrist, these particular gloves are unique and easy to wrap around your wrist using the provided wrap strap and the hook.


  • The padding of the gloves is evenly distributed around the gloves to make sure that your entire fist and fingers are comfortable and protected as well.
  • It is easy to wrap around using the strap, hook and the loop on the gloves.
  • The gloves are manufactured using leather outer shell which ensures its durability and efficiency.


  • The gloves are a bit heavy, and for the new trainees, it may be difficult for them to last for long without getting tired.
  • The gloves are not recommended for the people who are professional boxers hence advisable for use by people who are training or who engage in boxing as a form of work out routine.

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Tips on how to select boxing training gloves

The size

Just like the shoes, boxing gloves are also designed in different sizes and are measured in oz. The sizes range from oz 6 to oz 16. Also, it is important to note that the sizes are only made in even numbers no odd numbers and also the size does not correspond with the weight of the gloves.

What separate the sizes of the gloves are the padding since the bigger the size, the bigger the padding it has. So if you want a glove that will provide thick padding then choose the gloves with high oz size.

The glove material

There are two main materials used to manufacture boxing training gloves which are the leather and the vinyl. Selecting the gloves based on the material depends on your professions because if you are a professional boxer, the best material is leather since it is sturdy and will help you throw strong punches. As we all know leather is strong and durable, hence you are guaranteed to use it for a long time. On the other hand, vinyl gloves are made with soft leather which is recommended for beginners or for light training purposes.

The weight

The weight of the gloves also matters when selecting the boxing training gloves. You need to be comfortable when either training or when you are in the real ring. Therefore if you are a beginner consider buying the gloves that have less padding so you can get familiar with the weight and for you to learn quickly. As I said, earlier the importance of the boxing gloves is determined by the padding present so buy the weight that you feel you will be comfortable to hold.

The bag gloves

The work of the bag gloves is to protect your arm and not what you are hitting. There are two main glove bags which include the modern and the classic bag. The difference between the two is seen in the support they provide and the padding. The classic gloves are made with less filling and do not offer much wrist support therefore not recommended for heavy training or use in the ring. The modern bag gloves are designed with thick padding and are designed to reach slightly above the wrist or at the wrist which offers excellent support for those in the ring or if you are involved in vigorous boxing training.

The gloves fasteners

The best boxing gloves are designed in two different fasteners which are the lace and the Velcro fastener. Choosing between the two fasteners is determined by your convenience because for lace fastening, you will require someone to help you in fastening it tight as you cannot be able to do it alone. On the other hand, Velcro fastener is quite convenient as it has the hook, loop and the strap which makes it possible for you to tighten the glove even when you are alone.


If you are aspiring to join boxing either as a recreational activity or a form of exercise, consider buying any of the above boxing gloves. Each brand is designed with different features to meet the user’s needs, but the most important things to keep in mind when buying your boxing gloves is the comfort. Which can be found in the padding used to make the best boxing training gloves and also for durability ensure the gloves are made with synthetic leather.If possible fit the gloves at the shop before buying to make sure you purchase a good fit, and the strap fits well around the wrist. For those buying online, take your measurements to determine the glove size that will suit you well.

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