How to choose boxing gloves for you?

The boxing gloves are regulatory padded gloves used by fighters boxing, Muay Thai, Full Contact Kickboxing and other sports. They are one of the essential protections for the boxer since they soften the impact of the blows during the combats and avoid injuries. For this reason, and to help you with the election of this important element, we have created this orientation post in order to find the most suitable boxing glove for you.

Types of boxing gloves

So let’s see how to choose boxing gloves?

First of all, we will review the types of gloves that exist according to the use that is going to be given:

Types of boxing gloves:

1. Competition gloves

The competition gloves are more personalized, small and compact than any other glove. It is very important that the competition gloves adapt to the athlete’s hand. In lower categories, the gloves require protection and differentiation by colors.

2. Training gloves

As its name suggests, they are gloves used to perform different exercises during training, therefore they are gloves manufactured in a more standardized way. Its design is designed to perform sparring activities (training with another boxer or assistant who receives the blows) or exercises with bags and others. It is an essential element for every boxer.

To differentiate them from the gloves for professional use we can see that the training gloves have a velcro that helps the glove to fit the wrist of the boxer, while the gloves of professional use carry a tape. The training gloves have that Velcro instead of the tape to make it easier to remove them and to perform different activities.

3. Sack gloves

The purpose of these gloves is for the athlete to reach the final objectives of the training and to perfect the technique. They are used to practice blows and movements with the punching bag, so it is advisable to also have one of these. They have a filling to cushion blows and injuries as a result of the hardness of the material from which the boxing bag is stuffed.

4. Aerobics gloves

Aerobics gloves are made of less resistant materials than bag gloves and have more varied designs. They are used for aerobic combat modalities or for hitting the speed bag, which is that bag that is used to perform repetitive high-speed hits.

According to the materials from which it is manufactured:

1. Boxing gloves made of vinyl

They are the cheapest and are designed for people who are starting in the world of boxing. It is not the most recommended material since they wear out quickly with use and can damage the wrist and knuckles.

2. Gloves made of PVC

PVC gloves are quite economical but their price is higher than vinyl. It is hard gloves and not very comfortable. These gloves, such as vinyl, are also recommended for beginners.

3. Gloves made of imitation leather

In this type we can find three different qualities:

Low-quality leathers: They have the same disadvantages as vinyl. Its price is quite economical.

Medium-range leather: It is a training glove highly recommended for beginners or for those who do not want to invest a lot of money in this element.

High-end leathers: They are of a higher price than all the previous ones but they are also more comfortable and with greater durability. These gloves are recommended for beginners as well as advanced and for competition


4. Leather boxing gloves

The most commonly used gloves are made of buffalo, goat and cow skins. The skins of buffalo and goat are the most economical. Cowhide is the highest quality and is recommended for all types of practitioners. They are the ones that best adapt to the hand and better withstand impacts.

What to choose: Skin or Leatherette?

At Buddha Sports, we recommend that if you are a beginner, choose the economic gloves ranges of Leatherette or Synthetic Leather since they are perfect to start your workouts. In addition, they are cheap and are available in many models and Ounces.

If on the other hand, you are looking for gloves for more frequent training and professional material, we recommend, without any doubt, leather gloves. In Buddha Sports, you can find a very good range manufactured in the best factories in Thailand.

Boxing glove size:

The size of the boxing gloves is expressed in Ounce (28, 35 grams). Ounce, which represents the weight of the glove and its degree of protection, must be adapted to the weight of the boxer. At Buddha Sports, we recommend that:

  • 4 (113.4 gr), 6 (170.1gr) or 8 Ounces (226.8 gr) for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.
  • 10 ounces (283.5 gr) for women and men whose weight does not exceed 50 kilograms. These gloves are usually used for amateur and professional competition. It is characterized by having little padding which means less protection for the opponent and for oneself.
  • 12 ounces (340.2gr) is the most popular measure. It is recommended for women and men who do not exceed 70 kilograms. It also serves for professional low-weight wrestlers and for high-weight fighters who want to use it for hitting sacks, Palos or mittens.
  • 14 Ounces (396.9 gr)  recommended for people who weigh less than 80 kilos and 16 Ounces (453.6gr) for people who weigh less than 95 kilos. The gloves of 14 and 16 ounces are recommended for hard training and moderate glove because having more weight on the hands better protect the hands and wrists, strengthens hands and shoulders, helps to bottom and improves speed.
  • 18 Ounces (510.3 gr) are fully recommended for Sparring.

If you still do not have very clear which size is the most convenient for you, we recommend you talk to your coach. He will indicate to you the Ounce most suitable for you.

Other factors to choose from in a boxing glove:

Types of closure: Velcro or Ropes?

There are only two types of closures for boxing gloves: Laces and Velcro.

String gloves are indicated especially for professional fights for their comfort, placement, and grip. They are also recommended for professional wrestlers or long workouts, circuits, and sparring. Before choosing this closure you must take into account that it is necessary to help tie the laces, therefore they are not recommended for a daily training (unless you have thin wrists since you can tie the laces only once and then you can put and take your hands every time you use them)

The gloves with velcro closure are the most popular and are easy and quick to put on.  Velcro gloves are very practical and comfortable because they are easy to put on and take off. They are the ideal type of closure for a daily workout. However, it must be taken into account that Velcro elastics can break the cotton bandages on the hands and offer a less efficient grip.

The quality of the filling

The boxing gloves are filled with layers of foam rubber and the price of a glove may depend to a large extent on the quality of the filling itself. The denser the filling, the better absorption capacity it will have. In high-end gloves, we can find gloves filled with layers of gel in addition to foam gloves whose function is to spread the impact of the blow throughout the glove. These gloves are identified with the word Gel.


We can find three types of formats in boxing gloves:

  • Gloves that force to close the hand
  • Gloves that leave the hand semi-open.
  • Gloves that have the thumb folded.

The choice of one or another format is a matter of taste. However, it must be taken into account that the gloves that leave the semi-open hand require a double effort since before hitting you must close your hand.

Transpiration and seams

Regarding this section, you must take into account that:

  • If the glove has double stitching you will ensure that it lasts longer
  • To absorb perspiration from your hands and prolong your gloves it is advisable to use boxing bandages or fingerless gloves.


This aspect is simply aesthetic and subjective. Today there are gloves in almost all colors and all kinds of prints. You can choose the one you like the most!

As color recommendations, we can tell you that red is the classic color, and is less visible to the human eye than other colors. In addition, in this color of gloves, you see less blood than in other colors. In Buddha sports, we recommend that if you are practicing sparring, use gloves of a color other than red so that your coach can see better the blows.

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