How to Learn Boxing? – Some tricks

You are interested in demonstrating your resistance and a great motivation and training in a boxing room to be ready to face the competition. There are many reasons that can push athletes to launch themselves into a combat sport without equal boxing.

For want to vent, to know how to defend, for taste for the clashes, with a view to flirt, to recover your line. Everyone has their reasons! But, once the decision to start boxing has been made, you need to give yourself a lot to be successful. The energy gives you wings: go ahead!

To help you with your first steps as a rookie in the ring and in the boxing rooms, we will describe some essential stages for you to count on what is necessary for a sport that gives no respite to the fans. From the first training to beating punching bags, through the solo improvement and the preparation of a first combat, we will review the highlights of every career of the amateur boxer.

Of course, before you have to choose the boxing style you prefer. English boxing, or French boxing or Thai boxing, are the most common.

Boxing training: the beginner’s routine

Very often, boxing beginners do not know where to shoot or where to start. Let’s remedy the gaps by remembering the ideal routine of the novices in boxing. To imagine being a boxer after having seen the legendary combats of the history of professional boxing, with Mohamed Ali, Myke Tyson, Mayweather or McGregor, has its grace but it is only a dream.

Boxing training

To be able to wait one day with the greats and pretend to qualify for a title of champion of the world of boxing (or even to participate in the European Championship), we must do our part. Nothing unusual: work, sweat, and perseverance. However, first of all, do not get discouraged in front of the first obstacles or the amplitude of the notions that you have to assimilate with your personal trainer.

The first reflection that must be adopted is not to remain alone or try to isolate one. The Internet is your great friend, without forgetting word of mouth: it will not cost you to find a boxing club in your area. In the absence of, or as a compliment, a private amateur boxing instructor will be perfect to serve as the instructor in your free time.

The experts are always an invaluable help for the student to be better guided, progress faster, avoid common mistakes knowing how to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of other boxing champions, and is undoubtedly the mark of a future Olympic champion. Even Tyson Fury went through there!

On the other hand, we can do nothing but advise you to do before and in parallel to the noble art other sports that, although not practiced in the corner of the ring or between the ropes, are great advantages for a boxer.

How to learn boxing at home?

Is not there any English boxing club near your house or is it too lazy to move? Do not worry, you can learn boxing at home! For the pure and hard theory, it is evident: it is enough to know how to read to analyze different techniques of boxing with manuals or to become impregnated with the actuality of combat sports thanks to magazines.

A computer and a Web connection will allow you to see on YouTube or on another page memorable match, not to mention a large number of videos sent by the fans with their comments, training, personal successions, their tournaments. But just looking will not take you very far it will only make you spend a little time, occupying you the rainy afternoons. That’s not all.  Now, we must take action!

To join boxing and life of a king, nothing better than a personal trainer at home. Make a coach come to help you progress. You will not regret. Do not forget however that there is a minimum of boxing equipment needed: something that resembles a boxing ring, a punching bag, a crazy pear, a sports outfit (Thai boxing shorts or tracksuit and t-shirt pants, for example), boxing boots, MMA gloves or equivalent.

In the city, a studio can hardly be transformed into a boxing room, due to lack of space. With one or two rooms it is not much better in that sense. In any case, we will take advantage of training in our room or lounge, as well as inviting friends to talk about boxing – imprecating a true cultural environment is important to fuel our motivation.

Learn Boxing At Home on Video

Boxing exercise: how to prepare a fight?

We all have in mind a certain combat of a great champion of professional boxing that has made us Goosebumps. But such glory is not yet within our reach. After numerous long and rough training sessions, we have finally achieved – according to our federated instructors – to be able to really face a challenger.

The wait is long when you are in a hurry to confront a real opponent, flesh, and blood. But surely the stomach of emotion will shrink as the date in question approaches. The stress generated makes you want to let off steam, a drive that you will nevertheless have to contain so as not to tire yourself excessively the days before the fight.

The training of the last week should be especially light in order to conserve the totality of our energetic power. The start and the push on a key day are really important in the outcome of hostilities.

Take advantage to work your technique to hit and learn to stay calm a good bath from time to time or listen to classical music make pleasant breaks that your mind will thank you when the time comes. Eat healthily and monitor our weight to not leave the category of weight in which it is located – if not, you will be disqualified ipso facto.

Boxing exercise

Try by all means (legal) to inform you about the boxing of your opponent: secret hits, favorite successions, weak points, major blows, temperament, current form, combat style. Here, you will realize that having videos of yourself on the entire Web while you box is not necessarily a good idea. All your future opponents can get an accurate idea of your attitude in the ring.

Of course, although there is a lot of tension, you will have to warm up properly and do not hesitate to talk to your coach, who will be able to advise and encourage you before, during and after the match.

How to learn to box with a sack?

It is quite likely that ten people who have boxing gloves, nine only use them to box against a punching bag. For men, it is a way of demonstrating their virility and taking a break from the meter-work-sleep. But, for some, it is also a first direct approach to a sports boxing.

Unquestionably, it is the punching bag that enjoys the most success – it is a large cylindrical mass suspended above and very heavy due to its particularly dense filling. If you are afraid of hurting your hands, wrists or forearms, there are lighter boxing accessories, such as boxing pear and punching ball.

They are stitched leather balls stuffed with soft and light materials, like foam. They can be hit without gloves, even usual, or, failing that, with bandages or gloves.

In that case, the goal is to increase speed and be dynamic, the essential thing is to get rid of imaginary combat without reservation. This exercise with the bag will be more realistic if you adopt the timing of a real boxing match, number, and duration of the assaults, recovery time.

You will have to watch someone to train you. It is the best thing to learn and be sure not to get tired of an exercise that may seem repetitive or unconstructive.

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