Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker Review

I follow my favorite boxers as they punch those punches in all their matches one of my favorite is Floyd Mayweather.

Who doesn’t love this boxer?

I could not help but notice that May Weather the champion loves the Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker how else you can explain him wearing these boots in many of his matches and training. To be honest, I was one of the people who hoped that Reebok would bow to the pressure and make them public and when the brand did just that, I was among the first people to buy the Reebok boots. They did not disappoint. They win my best boxing shoe award hands down. Here are my review and the reasons why they are the best.

Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

How To Choose Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker


If you want to train hard and run harder, you will need a comfortable shoe. No matter how good you are, you will need a comfortable boxing shoe. There is nothing as bad as wearing a good shoe and being overwhelmed by moisture build up. The Reebok Boxing Buck sneaker has vented mash on the top, front and sides of the shoe allowing for more breath ability. The upper, breathable fabric also ensures you are feet are comfortable, the inner cushioning also provides extra comfort.


If you plan to fight the best shoes are the ones with laces that run up high your foot and those with upper wrapping are even better. They give you ankle support and stability. The Reebok shoes are mid cut and have an extra strap at the middle part of the shoe that is a lock in which provides extra stability. The extra strap tightens the shoe below the ankle to give you foot support and confidence in your footwork.


When I go to purchase a boxing shoe, I want it to last especially if because I will buy it with my hard-earned money. I do not want the shoe wearing out after a few days of being in the ring. Thus, the shoe should be made of a durable material. I also want the material to be flexible such that it is not too loose but supports my feet well while still giving me flexibility for better movement.

The upper part of the Reebok Boot-Buck boxing shoe is made from synthetic leather material making it one of the most durable shoe I owe. The material also feels very soft on my feet making it a comfortable shoe even when I am in the ring. The outer sole is made of rubber enhancing the durability of the sole.


There is little correlation between the cost of different boxing shoes and their quality. High prices are often due to the materials used on the shoes. For instance, shoes made with a lot of leather are more expensive compared to shoes made with a lot of synthetic materials. Therefore, if you are looking for a good boxing shoe at an affordable price, you will probably get it.

The Reebok Boot Buck sneaker is one such shoe. Compared to rival brands offering the same type of shoe they are way cheaper. Thus, you can afford this shoe especially now as it is available in stores due to the shoe’s increased popularity and demand.


  • Have an ankle strap that provides extra support
  • Have vented meshes at the top, side, and front allowing for easy breathability
  • Durable rubber outsole and synthetic leather upper material
  • ​​​​EVA midsole that ensures maximum cushioning
  • ​​​​The shoe has a good grip
  • Affordable compared to rival brands
  • Comes in different colors and looks and famous with pro boxers such as May Weather


  • The shoe is glued on the sole, and one can see the glue which means the sole can come off after some time
  • The grip of the sole does not wrap around the toe. Therefore, the shoes are better for people with wide feet than narrow feet.
  • The sleek white color turns beige after some time


  • Durable and flexible Synthetic leather upper material
  • ​​​​High cut design for stability
  • Foam cushioned mid sole for support
  • Mid lock-in visible ankle strap for stability and added support
  • Durable rubber out sole
  • Vented meshes at the sides, top, and front which increases feet breathe ability
  • Comes in different colors to choose from; patent delta silver, black, metallic and white

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear these shoes on a regular day out?

I would not. Although these boots are durable, they are excellent for boxing, and if you wear them in rain or snow, they might end up becoming worn out on the soles. I also imagine you would feel a little uncomfortable walking around in them.

Do they run true to the size?

Yes, they do. Order or purchase your right shoe size because unlike some boxing shoes that run a size smaller or larger the Reebok Boot-Buck boots are a perfect size.

Can you use these shoes to train on a hard surface such as gravel?

Yes, you can. The boots are very durable and can withstand hard conditions including working out on grass, dirt or a hard surface. However, don’t make it a habit as the sole might wear out fast.

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Final Verdict

I love the Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker because it allows me to train and run hard. They are also very comfortable in the ring. The breath ability ensures my feet stay dry. The grips are also excellent, and I don’t have to worry about them getting worn out after my frequent training as they are made of a durable outer sole and upper body material. The various colors and design also make them pretty classy, and it is no wonder that May weather often shows up wearing them in the ring. If you are an intermediate or professional boxer, I would recommend that you try them out and come back to give us your verdict. I am sure you will love them.

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