How To Start Boxing Training For Beginners At Home

So you are a newcomer at boxing field and want to learn from the core right? Well, it is a tremendously awesome decision and of course, you have landed an exact place for your motive. Meantime, we have organized this guideline to help those who are searching for how to start boxing training for beginners at home.

What is your aim of schooling boxing it does not matter at all! As boxing is a famous sport which is enriched with a great history. For instance, you will find a lot of (Hollywood) film that is produced in the boxing background. Actually, the things we want to reveal that you can learn boxing for any reason you want. Whether it could be for self-defense, for weight loss or compete with other boxer and so on. Because it is a sole sport which will help you to get perfect shape in record time. At the same time assist you to make balance and protect yourself in almost every critical situation you have to face in your daily life.

boxing training at home for beginners

What actually a boxing game is?

Well if you go for a definition of boxing then we can tell you, boxing is a kind of dual sports. It is played by two people wearing heavy gloves on hand where each player tries to hit one another from a technical position. The game is played in a boxing ring that is square and is decorated with rope in all side of the set. By the way, boxing brings much health benefits too. It able to increase your endurance, strength, speed, improves mental focus; provide great stress relief and above all guidance you in primary self-defense.

Boxing basis for beginners, the thing you need to concentrate

Before you start your boxing training at home you need some essential equipment. As you are a beginner so you do not need to invest in heavy equipment. You have to buy some basic thing to start your journey as a boxer. Let’s have a look at the stuff list.

  • Hand gloves
    A very first thing you need a pair of cushiony hand gloves that are also known as a boxing glove. These pair of gloves is an unavoidable outfit for beginner to professional boxer.
  • Hand wraps
    Hand wraps are especially for professional boxer you can minimize this staff from your list. But if you want all the equipment you can go for this one.
  • Heavy bag
    A heavy bag is another essential part of a boxer training. It helps you to improve your punching power, footwork and learn to get balance. So you must have to invest in it.
    Speed bag
    The speed bag is smaller than a heavy bag and it also important stuff for a boxer. A speed bag mainly works on your handwork and maintains hand-eye coordination. It also assists to attain strength on a boxer muscle.
  • Jump rope
    Jump rope is a needed thing for beginner and awesome way to boost your stamina. It helps a starter work ongoing longer into the round without any fear of injury.

How to get training at home, step by step process

After you are done with your necessary equipment than it’s time to start your training. Eventually, we classify these steps for boxing training for beginners at home. In fact, it is the most needed step which you cannot deny if you want to learn boxing. Have a look.

1. Learn basic boxing stance

The fundamental training of a boxer starts with learning the basic stance. Before you go for punches your defendant, you should concentrate to perfect your stance. There is a different type of stance which is used by both beginner and professional according to their comfort zone. But as an absolute beginner, you can gain a good stance by following the described technique.

  • Placing your two feet about shoulder-length apart
  • Distributed your whole body weight among the feet, hand, and knees
  • Elbows down and hands up
  • Place your head behind your hand gloves but your eyes must see over the gloves
  • Take a long breath and try to get relax

2. Basic footwork

Footwork is the most important part for a beginner boxer. You have to learn how to move your feet and get a perfect balance. When you are in boxing you should keep your feet on the ground so you make yourself ready to attack, defend and move away. Manage your feet spread out but concentrate that not too far or not too close. This type of footwork will casually better your technique and practice. Check out on this link

3. Learn the basic punches

Although throwing punches look a simple deed but in boxing, there are different types of punches technique. Generally, boxing has 4 type of punching, and they are jab, cross, hook, and uppercut.

  • Jab
    Jab is regarded as a simple and basic punch. For jab practice, you need to use your front hand which is non-dominant one and make a simple and straight punch. Try to straighten your hand as much as possible for jab punch. For home practice, you can use a heavy bag or a speed bag.
  • Cross
    Cross is also a straight punch like a jab but for the cross punch, you have to use your dominant hand. Keep your front foot forward rotated your hip slightly and uses your dominant hand and make a cross punches.
  • Hook
    The hook punch is very effective to defend yourself in a boxing. For making hook punches you have to keep your arm in 90-degree bend and your feet in a parallel position. Using both your upper and lower body to make a punch and instantly through a hit on the defender jaw, face or body. Actually, these punches use by the professional at the end of the game as a finishing touch.
  • Uppercut
    For uppercut punches, you have to use your both hand. Firstly, make a stance then let your arm bent and throw a punch from the ground to upper turn. In these punches the power mainly comes from your legs. Uppercut is an excellent technique that is used for making a knockout blow.

4. Sparring

After all the fundamental practice and training as we have mentioned above, it is time to start sparring. Before your actual action in daily life or your first step in the boxing ring, it is very important. Select your sparring partner and practice your all skill with the partner. Be remembering sparring is for learning not for actual fighting. Sparring session helps you to perfect yourself in all moves like footwork, punches, and stance.

Final words

It is always not necessary that one must have to go to a gym or boxing trainer for learning boxing. One can easily learn boxing at home by following the guideline step by step as we mention atop. Become a perfect boxer by home training take much practice, time and dedication. But if you are determinate for your aim then successes will come surely and you become self-taught boxer one day.

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