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What are the Best Boxing Gloves?

Boxing is among the sports that require one to have multiple gears to facilitate a better practice of the game. Aside from taking your time in choosing the best boxing shoes and the headgears, it is advisable that you take time when choosing the boxing gloves as well. A pair of boxing gloves determines how […]

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How to choose boxing gloves for you?

The boxing gloves are regulatory padded gloves used by fighters boxing, Muay Thai, Full Contact Kickboxing and other sports. They are one of the essential protections for the boxer since they soften the impact of the blows during the combats and avoid injuries. For this reason, and to help you with the election of this […]

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What is sparring and why is it so important in boxing

Practice makes perfect the old saying goes, that is why training is very important, even for the most successful professionals. Referring punctually to a correct training for boxing, almost obligatorily we will find a strange figure for those who have just begun to practice this beautiful sport, we are talking about the so-called “Sparring”. In […]

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How to Learn Boxing? – Some tricks

You are interested in demonstrating your resistance and a great motivation and training in a boxing room to be ready to face the competition. There are many reasons that can push athletes to launch themselves into a combat sport without equal boxing. For want to vent, to know how to defend, for taste for the clashes, […]

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How to Choose Boxing Shoes Easily?

I want a beginner to read boxing and how to Choose Boxing Shoes that suited me Let’s try it with sports shoes first, To choose boxing shoes, has a few concerns for beginners. Many people think that special shoes are necessary as it starts boxing. However, if you are doing not begin with any sports, it […]

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