What is sparring and why is it so important in boxing

Practice makes perfect the old saying goes, that is why training is very important, even for the most successful professionals. Referring punctually to a correct training for boxing, almost obligatorily we will find a strange figure for those who have just begun to practice this beautiful sport, we are talking about the so-called “Sparring”. In this article, we will explain what a sparring is, what kind of benefit training can bring. Also, we will delve into the subject so they can understand in a simple way why sparring is so important in boxing, as well as in various martial arts and contact sports.

What is Sparring?

The etymology of the word goes back to the English language, having its root in the word “Spar “that simply means “to fight against an opponent “.

This translation clarifies the panorama enough since basically, we could say that a sparring is “A training partner “, but its function, as well as its usefulness; they are so important, as determinants for a fighter before facing a fight. Interestingly, the word Sparring applied in the field of boxing means different things, since it can refer to a job, to a person who works as a sparring, or is also used to refer to the activity of training with this type of teammates. This is the reason why it is possible to hear phrases such as “Train with sparring” or “The boxer is doing Sparring “.

When it is necessary to train with Sparring

Sparring is hired by professional boxers before a fight. The job of the Sparring is to be a training partner on the ring, but unlike the trainer and the classic practice of hitting static targets, a sparring has the task of really fighting against the boxer who is training. In Sparring practices they exchange blows as if they were a real match, the sparring can attack, defend, use tactics, strategies, and adopt positions and everything you need to win, just like a real opponent would.

Sparring practices are also called “making gloves”.

When training with sparring, additional protection is used, such as helmets, shells and even special gloves. These practices are carried out in order to train different aspects that cannot be developed or remain active with traditional means. The best example of the traditional method is the bag, which is an excellent object to practice strokes, but not to practice defense. A sparring is a complete way to train, stay active, and develop your own weaknesses and most importantly: Self-knowledge.

Experts agree that it is always necessary to train with sparring, at least once a week. From beginners to professionals should take advantage to measure, improve, stay active and face challenges through training with sparring.

Benefits of training boxing with Sparring

What is sparring and why is it so important in boxing

Professional boxers go to Sparring several months before facing a fight. Coaches and representatives are responsible for “recruiting” boxers who can work as sparring partners. These companions must meet certain requirements, for example, if the next opponent will be left-handed, then the sparring to train must be left-handed. In this way, the sparring works as a constant test of the performance that the fighter will have when facing certain characteristics of the opponent. The more similar sparring looks to the next opponent in terms of weight, height, skill side, technique, and strengths, then better benefits will come from training.

A boxing training with sparring offers the possibility of easily practicing the location in the space within the ring, the boxer’s strength, strengths, weaknesses, breaths, as well as the most effective techniques and strategies. However, what is most exercised in training with sparring is not the physical, but the mind. In this way, it is possible to speed up the mind, sharpen reflexes, improve the pace, improve decision making, reactions, among other equally important mental functions. These are the reasons why a sparring is very important for boxing.

Finally, we close this note sharing other benefits of training with sparring.

The boxing sparring also helps to:

  • Identify and correct errors
  • Improve in the ring and in the times of the rounds
  • Develop personal skills
  • Practice techniques, strategies, and styles
  • Improve the pace
  • Improve and maintain the reflexes
  • Improve the resistance
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