Where To Buy Boxing Shoes: Six Things You Need To Consider

Where To Buy Boxing Shoes

Where To Buy Boxing Shoes? 

Most experts would agree, that you should buy your boxing shoes at a department store for the obvious reason. You can try them on and see how they feel. But not everyone wants or like going to stores or even has a store in their town. So this article will deal with online and in-store purchases and what you need to consider from both when you buy those boxing shoes.

Where To Buy Boxing Shoes: Six Things You Need To Consider Before You Spend Any Money On Your Next Pair.

Sizing Chart

This is a biggie but an important thing you should look for when you purchase online. Most online stores like Title Boxing, Champ Sports, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, will offer each customer a chart of different sizes and descriptions.

One thing you’ll like about Title Boxing’s website is that if a particular brand fits normal, they will label that particular item “true to size.” Most, if not all stores online, will at least let the customer know that the shoe either runs big or runs small. Be sure you know your size, and make certain that you pay attention to the sizing charts so you don’t get stuck with the wrong pair.


Some people may think that you can only buy shoes from companies like Nike, Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods or Champ Sports. While those are great places and companies to shop from, sometimes you may be seeking a bargain.

Ebay and Amazon is typically the best place to shop to find a low price on anything, not just boxing shoes. And the great thing about shopping with those two platforms, is the customer reviews. Look for reviews or testimonials that speak about customer service and how they handle complaints. This will allow you to avoid any chance of dealing with a scam or rip-off company.

Return Policy

Another important thing to consider is whether or not these online venues have a decent return policy. Some stores like Champ Sports and Title Boxing will even go as far as to offer a dissatisfied customer with a “fit guarantee,” and if the boxing shoes you bought don’t fit then you return them for free.

Mistakes happen all the time, and at times, so don’t defects and mistakes from the manufacturer. That’s why it is very important that you don’t get stuck with a pair of defected or wrong sized shoes because the store has a lack of a return policy.

Most reputable boxing shoes and equipments stores usually carry a return policy. Be sure to look out for that.

Customer Service

If a company doesn’t have superb customer service, then you probably won’t have a good customer experience. Try to find a company, or a store, that is flexible and available for your questions and needs.

Do they have a customer service number? Is it a toll-free number? Do they speak English or your language? When are they open and are they available 24/5 or 24/7? These seem like minor things to consider, but you never know when something may go wrong involving your purchase. Maybe you would like to track your order, but have no way to do so. If you can’t call customer service, you may not know when your order is coming, if it is at all.

Check out reviews and see how well a company’s customer service is, and if they don’t have reviews, check the better business bureau to see if there are any customer complaints for a better understanding and feel.

Can You Try Them On?

The major drawback of shopping online is really not being allowed to try what you are wearing. This is the shoe that you will need to enhance and help your performance. This shoe could mean everything and how successful you truly are inside the ring.

That’s why most experts agree, that the best way to go, is by shopping at a brick and mortar shop to make your boxing shoe purchase. That’s because there will usually be good help, an expert there to assist you, and most importantly, you can move around in the shoe to see how it feels when you pivot and move.

Do They Offer Any Deals?

One of the reasons many people, who usually have experience buying boxing shoes, like online stores like Ebay or Amazon is because one, they usually provide a lower price. And two, if you buy a product at a certain price, you’ll usually get free shipping.

Another thing to consider if you go into a boxing shoe store is to see if they have specials on the shoe. Maybe they’ll throw in something needed like a boxing wrap tape, or half off on another pair. Always try to get the best deal possible and at the least see if either (Online or in-store) have a warranty on the boxing shoes. If two months down the road, your Ringside boxing shoes fade out on you, you should be able to get your money back. Boxing shoes should last and be durable to last.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to buying boxing shoes, the best place to buy them in many expert eyes are in actual stores. And yes, there are plenty of places you can find boxing shoes like Dick’s Sporting Goods or a Nike Outlet store.

But the point of this article is, you can buy them elsewhere if you put into account the above considerations. You should always find a site that provides the just amount of item details and information the product. By looking into customer reviews, the warranty and return policy, you’ll save yourself plenty of time and hassle from buying the wrong pair. Take advantage of size charts, reputation, and always look for a great deal. This will help you get the best pair regardless of where you decide to buy boxing shoes.

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